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Gearzooz - Gear Up & Go Train. Every tiger has unique stripes!

All aboard the Gear Up & Go Train!

Connect the 15 different sized gears to develop fine motor skills and create your very own colourful gear train! Insert the animal gears onto the smartpole to trigger animal sounds and facts and introduce cause and effect

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Connect & Spin

Music Fun

Exploration Fun

Quiz Mode

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Teachers & Features

Connect and Spin

Connect the gears and push the gearaffe along to watch them spin

Fun Quiz

Press a button to answer the fun quiz questions about shapes and colours.

5 Light Up Buttons

Press the light up shape buttons to learn shapes and colours, or to hear music

Music Fun

Add a Smart Gear™ animal to create a silly song with animal sound effects

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Gearzooz - Gear Up & Go Gearaffe
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