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InnoTab® Max
What to Do If Your InnoTab MAX Requires an Update Before Registration
Follow these steps if your InnoTab® MAX requires a firmware update before registration.

How to Register the InnoTab® MAX
This tutorial will guide you through the InnoTab® MAX registration process step by step.

Note: Wi-Fi is required for registration. Please make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network before attempting to register the tablet.

How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Connection on InnoTab® MAX
Follow these instructions to set up a new Wi-Fi network on your InnoTab® MAX.

Using the InnoTab® MAX App Store, Learning Lodge
You can use the Learning Lodge App on your InnoTab® MAX to purchase additional learning apps or redeem your free download.

Downloading Purchased Apps to Your InnoTab® MAX
Follow these steps to download purchased apps to your InnoTab® MAX.

What to Do if You Are Asked to Change Your Password
You may be prompted to change your password after you first log on to your tablet. Follow the instructions in this tutorial if you need help.

What to Do If You Have Forgotten Your Parent Account Password
If you've forgotten the password for your VTech Parent Account, you can reset it by following the steps in this tutorial.

What to Do If You Cannot Receive Emails from VTech
This tutorial provides a few simple troubleshooting suggestions if you are not able to receive emails from VTech with important information about your Parent Account.

Using InnoTab Cartridges with InnoTab® MAX
This tutorial will answer questions about the InnoTab® MAX and its compatibility with InnoTab® cartridges.

Updating Your InnoTab® MAX with the Latest Firmware
Check your InnoTab® MAX firmware regularly and update it to the latest version to make sure your InnoTab® MAX is up to date.

Getting Started with VTech Kid Connect
VTech Kid Connect lets kids and parents stay close by sharing messages. Send text and voice messages, animated stickers, drawings, photos and more to your child – right from your smartphone to their InnoTab® ! This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up Kid Connect step by step.

Managing Your Kid Connect Contact List
Before your child can communicate with any new friends on Kid Connect, they must be added to your child's contact list.

This tutorial will show you how to:
‧ View and edit your child's contact list
‧ Send friend requests on behalf of your child
‧ Send friend requests to add contacts to your list
‧ Approve or reject friend requests that your child receives
‧ View and Edit the member list of your Family Group Chatroom

Adding and Deleting Websites from the InnoTab® MAX Web Browser
In order to protect children from inappropriate content, the Web Browser will only allow them to visit sites that have been pre-approved. Read this tutorial to learn how to customize your child's list of pre-approved Web content.

Resetting the InnoTab® MAX
Follow these steps to reset your InnoTab® MAX to factory settings.

Using the Network Helper
The Network Helper tool can help you connect to Wi-Fi and diagnose some common issues.

Note: The Network Helper is not available in some earlier versions of the InnoTab® Max firmware. If you are able to connect to Wi-Fi, please update your firmware to be able to see the Network Helper. If you cannot connect to Wi-Fi at all and cannot update your firmware, please contact VTech's Consumer Services department for assistance.
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