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Toot-Toot Drivers. 1-5 Years.

Train Set

Cute motorised train chugs along into the station, over the bridge, down the ramp and loads up using the crane!

Includes cute motorised train and wagon.
Features 4 SmartPoints locations and 4 flexible track sections with support for two tier play.
Manipulative features include; swinging bridge track, turning flag, open & close gates, loading points and crane.


Includes Tow Truck with 3 songs and 6 melodies! Drive around the two levels of play using the lift, visit the car wash or get a service!

Play using the lift, clean the tow truck at the car wash with the spinning brushes or get a service at the repair stand with moving spanner!
Features spinning gears and open and close gates. Garage includes three chunky light up buttons that introduce colours, objects, fun phrases and tunes.
Play set includes 9 SmartPoint™ locations that interact when driven over.

Big Vehicle Carrier

Launch the 2 mini vehicles down the zig-zag ramp through the trap door! Light up button & feature button trigger phrases, songs and movement!

Raise the zig-zag ramp and launch the cars down through the trap door and out the back of the carrier!
Press the light up face button to trigger fun phrases, songs and engine sounds.
Press the feature button to see the exhaust vibrate!

Amusement Park

Play set includes a toot-toot go kart vehicle, spinning ferris wheel, 360° track, merry-go-round, catapult ride and 6 SmartPoint locations.

Race down the track, watch the ferris wheel spin, loop through the 360 degree track, lift the parachute up and more!
6 interactive SmartPoint locations trigger fun responses when driven over
Play set also includes a Toot-Toot Drivers go kart
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