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Switch & Go Dinos Easy to switch 1 2 3 Switch from a vehicle a dino

The Switch & Go Dinos® can switch between cool vehicles and fearsome dinosaurs! Hear great sound effects of vehicles and dinosaurs as they are pushed along and played with.

Dash the T-Rex

Remote control T-Rex that automatically switches between a T-Rex and racer! Buttons activate phrases, facts and sounds. Automatically switches with the press of a button!

Bronco the Triceratops

Remote control triceratops that automatically switches to a racer! Press the charge lever on the remote and watch this triceratops race! Buttons activate phrases and sounds.

Commander Clade the Velociraptor

Commander Clade switches between a powerful velociraptor and a search helicopter! Press the buttons to activate the search light, hear fun phrases, facts and sounds.

Lex the T-Rex

Lex the T-Rex, king of Tyrant lizards! 2-in-1: switches between a dinosaur and car. Buttons play phases, facts and sounds.

Akuna the Velociraptor

Akuna is a fast and deadly hunter! 2-in-1: switches between a dinosaur and motorcycle. Buttons play phrases, facts and sounds.

Switch & Go Dinos Collect them all
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