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Switch&Go Dinos. Dash The T-Rex. 3-8 Years.

Riot the T-Rex

2-in-1 which switches between T-Rex and race car! Backlit screen displays animations! Use the remote control to race Riot in both dino and vehicle modes! Talk Button plays fun phrases and dinosaur facts! Riot even responds with lively dinosaur and race car sounds! Hear more sounds when controlling and switching Riots!

We do not advise using Riot the T-Rex on rough surfaces, such as rugs and carpets.

Remote controlled in both Dino mode adn vehicle mode!
Backlit LCD displays Dino eyes and race car driver animations!
Lively Dino & race car sounds and phrases!

Overseer the T-Rex

2-in-1 that automatically switches between T-Rex and Robot! Backlit screen displays dino eyes and robot animations! Control Overseer's motion with the remote control! Talk Button triggers fun phrases and cool dinosaur facts! Overseer also responds with lively dinosour and robot sounds! They even light up with the responses! Stunt Button triggers cool actions!

Remote controlled and walks in both modes
Backlit LCD displays Dino eyes and Robot controller animations
Lively Dino & Robot sounds and phrases

Rush the Velociraptor

This wild Switch & Go Dino is an exciting 2-in-1 toy which switches between a Velociraptor and a high tech aircraft! See cool dino eye and pilot animations on the backlit LCD screen! Pull the with triggers in aircraft mode to see the spinning discs launch into the air!

Light projects from the dino's mouth and from the front of the aircraft!
The backlit LCD screen displays dino eyes and pilot animations!
Pull the aircraft's trigger to launch the spinning discs into the air!

Lex the T-Rex

Lex the T-Rex, king of Tyrant lizards! 2-in-1: switches between a dinosaur and car. Buttons play phases, facts and sounds.

Within a few steps, you can easily change your vehicle into a lively dinosaur!
Plays sound effects as you push along and when switching.
Press the action buttons to activate dinosaur facts and sound effects.
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