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Pop-a-ball. Pop & Drop Digger. 12-36 months.

Pop & Play Tower

Ball popping tower, featuring multiple tracks and slides. Includes 6 balls and more! Press the floor button to pop the balls!

Drop, pop and roll the balls down this colourful tower's spiral tracks!
Explore a variety of tracks and slides.
Push the floor button to pop the balls!

Rock & Pop Turtle

Turtle toy which spins around, popping balls. Teaches; numbers and more. Placing balls into the turtle's tummy develops motor skills.

Spins around on the floor, popping phrases and songs that encourage interactivity.
Includes 5 multicoloured balls for popping play.
Press the buttons to learn numbers turtle facts and more through fun and encouraging phrases.

Pop & Drop Digger

Buttons activate role play phrases that teach numbers, shapes and colours. Develops; tracking and motor skills through cause & effect.

Push-along digger which pops out 4 included multicoloured balls.
Scooping the balls into the chute and watching as they pop out of the pipe encourages motor skills and tracking
Pushing the Digger along triggers the motion sensor, which plays fun sounds as your child learns to walk.

Swirly Snail

Press the buttons to hear fun phrases, sounds, 5 sing-along songs and 15 melodies which introduce numbers and colours to your child.

Press the snail's head down to pop and spin the balls inside the shell.
The 3 buttons on the snail's shell play phrases, sounds and music which introduce numbers and shapes.
Teaches cause & effect relationships and helps to develop motor skills.
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