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Toot-Toot Friends. Pirate Ship. 1-5 Years.

Daring Dragon

George the Dragon walks and breathes fireballs! Includes two characters! The two buttons trigger phrases, songs, sounds and much more!

Press the Shield or Amulet Button on George for responses, including seeing George breathe a fireball!
Activate Role Play Mode for fun, encouraging and imaginative phrases and game play.
Includes two characters; Knight Magnus and Dragon Tim.

Magic Lights Castle

Castle lights up! Includes 2 character. MagicPoint locations triggers phrases, songs, sounds and more! 6 instrument buttons play instrument sounds.

Comes to life with lights, colours, sounds and more! Includes two characters; Princess Poppy and Prince Louie.
6 instrument buttons play sounds and introduce the instruments. MagicPoint™ location triggers fun phrases, sing-along songs, sounds and more.
Staircase lights up and opens, castle doors open and close, dance floor spins and more.

Princess Lily & her Carriage

Meet Princess Lily. Lily interacts with MagicPoint locations, showing her friendly personality through fun phrases, lights, melodies, songs and more.

MagicPoint locations bring Toot-Toot Friends characters to life with fun phrases, motion, lights and more.
Includes 2 sing-along songs and fun phrases.
Works with other Toot-Toot Friends accessories and play sets when placed on MagicPoint locations.

Pirate Ship

Interactive MagicPoint Pirate Ship that opens up to become a Treasure Island. Light up buttons trigger role-play responses and more!

This mighty interactive Pirate Ship play set opens up to reveal a fantastic Treasure Island! Will you find the treasure?!
Press the cannon button to launch the cannonball and hear it soar!
Turn the helm, twist the sails, open the trap door and escape the spinning octopus tentacles!
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