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Read, Play, & Create!

Children can have fun and learn on their own tablet with VTech's InnoTab 3. With this tablet, children can expand their minds with learning games, apps and much more. The kid-safe, durable design is ideal for small hands and learning on the move. Read the interactive e-books and use the story dictionary to learn vocabulary. The 1800 rotating camera and video camera can inspire children's creativity, along with drawing and painting with Art Studio. You can also create your own MP3 playlists and watch your favourite shows with the InnoTab 3.

Learn with Your Favorite Characters

Children can enjoy learning with their favourite characters, from the large library of software titles available on InnoTab. Each software cartridge includes different fun activities, such as memory games, maths, problem solving, spelling and much more. Also included are interactive e-books to teach and enhance your child's vocabulary and reading skills. There are further creative activities and fun using the camera effects to inspire children's minds. InnoTab software is available to buy as cartridges or through downloading them from Learning Lodge.

A World of Learning Fun

The VTech Learning Lodge includes hundreds of e-books, educational games, videos and music specifically developed for each children's individual stage of learning and development. The library of games cover reading, science, maths, problem solving, social studies, creativity and more! The activities are suitable for toddlers and expand to children at school to support their learning whilst keeping them entertained.



See stories magically come to life with our interactive e-books. Children can watch the story when it's read to them or they can touch each word to read at their speed.

Story Dictionary

With the story dictionary you can discover brand new words. Touch highlighted words to understand and learn what they mean.


Touch-Screen Games

Use your finger or the stylus included to control games on the InnoTab screen.

Motion Games

Shake or title your InnoTab 3 to play motion-sensing technology games.

D-Pad Games

Use the D-Pad to control direction with games like H20 Go, already pre-installed on InnoTab 3.

Sound-activated Games

With the built-in microphone you can interact with different games adding to have even more fun!


1800 Rotating Camera

Take amazing photos and make your own movies with the in-built camera on InnoTab 3.

Wonder Cam

Create different photo frames, cool effects, funny faces & kaleidoscope creations with more than 55 effects available.

Art Studio

Have fun drawing, colouring, painting and even decorate with different stamps, stickers and more!

Even More Fun!

My Magic Beanstalk Game

With My Magic Beanstalk Game, play the fun, interactive activities to nurture the beanstalk and make it grow.

Create an MP3 playlist

Listen to favourite songs by importing music, play your own playlist and download tracks from the Learning Lodge.

Clock, Calendar and Notes

Children can plan their day with the clock, calendar and notes — just like Mum & Dad.

Personalize your InnoTab Home Screen

Use the InnoTab camera with your InnoTab and personalize your home screen from your photos!

Friends List

Use this list to keep the details of your friends birthdays and their contact information.
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