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Switch & Go Dinos
Switch & Go Dinos

The ultimate kids toy, Switch & Go Dinos easily transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps. Switch & Go Dinos come equipped with an LCD screen for customizable animations, providing an imaginative and stimulating 2-in-1 play experience. In dinosaur mode, action buttons play interesting facts about each dinosaur, providing kids with fun and enriching playtime.

Grando the Giganotosaurus

Grando the Giganotosaurus

Grando is a big and ferocious meat eater! 2-in-1: switches between a dinosaur and car. Buttons play phrases, facts and sounds.

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Switch & Go Dinos

VTech is proud to introduce our new Switch & Go Dinos 2-in-1 transforming toys. Each Switch and Go Dino transforms from a vehicle to a cool dinosaur in a few moves. With seven transforming dinos to choose from, your child will easily find a favorite Switch & Go Dino.

Each Switch & Go Dino has customizable eyes and drivers, as well as unique sounds and dinosaur facts. VTech Switch & Go Dinos are surely to be a collectable toy this holiday season. VTech has been creating award winning, educational children’s toys for more than 30 years. The Switch & Go Dinos are no different and have already been awarded the Best In Play at the Parenting 2012 Toy Fair.

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