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I've noticed that often your packaging shows children playing with their parents. Is it OK to let the child play and develop with the toys on their own?

Julie Coultas
The most important way that a child learns is through interaction with the world and primarily with people. Parents are the most important people in the world to their young children. Young children's development is very much interlinked with the time that their parents have invested in them. In an ideal world where parents didn't have to earn a living and carry out general domestic experts it would nice to spend most of the day with your little ones.

But sometimes, inevitably, a child will be left on their own to play with a toy. This is where all that time that a parent has spent showing the child what is possible with a toy, for instance V.Smile Baby, can have a positive effect. A child learns by repetition and perhaps some time on their own with the toy gives them the opportunity to reinforce what they have already learned with their parents by their side. I cannot emphasise enough, the importance of a parent for their child's development. But remember that parental influence continues even when the parent is not always physically present.
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