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Developmental Benefits

Cause & Effect
Developmental Benefits

Auditory Stimulation

Fun and interesting sound effects draw baby’s attention to play.

Basic Maths Skills

Develops counting and number identification.

Cause & Effect

Rewards baby as they learn that their actions have reactions

Cognitive Development

Stimulates critical thinking through memory and logic games.

Cooperative Play

Encourages social skills like sharing and teamwork

Creative Play

Use imagination in a variety of ways and contexts to communicate ideas

Discovery Exploration

Heightens curiosity and encourages exploration.


Learn about the different areas of the world and their characteristics......

Hand Eye Coordination

Aiming and concentrating on a target improves hand/eye coordination.

Imaginative Play

Imagination and exploration through interaction with characters.

Imitative Play

Copying observed action encourages social and emotional skills.

Independent Play

Games and voice prompts allow children to control the pace.

Language Development

Introduces the alphabet, letter sounds and vocabulary.

Letters Names Phonics

Teaches letters and their sounds, the building blocks of reading.

Motor Skills

Encourages fine motor skill development.

Musical Creativity

Enhances musical skills with music and sound activities.

Problem Solving

Develops logic skills and strategic thinking through memory.

Reading Comprehension

Expand understanding of writing and gather information from text.

Reading Development

Improve speed, fluency and expression when reading.

Role Play

Develops imagination and encourages cooperation, listening and turn-ta......

Science Concepts

Exploration of various environments & associated vocabulary.

Sensory Development

A variety of textures, visuals and sounds stimulate sensory developmen......

Tactile Stimulation

Mixture of different textures provide stimulation for baby.

Visualisation Memory

Engaging graphics & visualisation activities develop memory.

Word Building

Expands Vocabulary through age appropriate words.

Rewards baby as they learn that their actions have reactions

Babies are exploring and experimenting with the world almost from the day they are born. Cause and effect is a scientific concept that babies learn very early in their lives. A delightful example of this is when babies begin to explore gravity by dropping toys whilst sitting in their highchair. The toy drops downwards and makes a noise as it hits the floor. Parents will tend to pick the toy up and return it to the infant. This enables the baby to continue with their experiment and learn more about cause and effect; babies learn a great deal through repetition and it is good to facilitate opportunities where babies can begin to understand that, for instance, a toy will always fall to the ground. This type of learning through cause and effect continues throughout childhood. Encouraging children to be curious about the world facilitates learning through experience. Toys that reliably make a noise when pressed, pulled or touched teach babies that their actions have an effect on the world. VTech bath toys with their pouring and squirting features encourage cause and effect awareness.<br /> Children demonstrate that they have understood the concept of cause and effect when they talk about the consequence of actions. Before children use spoken language researchers discover what young infants understand about the world by presenting them with unexpected events. For example, babies are beginning to understand that toys reliably fall to the ground and that if a toy train goes into a tunnel it will come out the other end. If babies are presented with an unexpected event where, for example, a moving toy train disappears behind a screen but does not come out the other end they will stare for a long time at the screen. VTech toys offer babies and children the opportunity to learn more about cause and effect by pressing buttons and listening to the sounds, moving toys around and playing educational computer games.

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