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How do you make sure that content of the toys in appropriate for the child?

Julie Coultas
VTech have a dedicated team in the UK who ensure that the content is in line with the National Curriculum. Read all ►

I've noticed that often your packaging shows children playing with their parents. Is it OK to let the child play and develop with the toys on their own?

Julie Coultas
The most important way that a child learns is through interaction with the world and primarily with people. Read all ►

How can VTech toys aid my child's development?

Julie Coultas
Vtech toys can aid your child's development by giving your child the scope to progress as far as they can with their learning. This means that there is always another level that your child can aspire to reach with the help of their parents or more able peers. Read all ►

How do I encourage my child to play nicely with other children?

Julie Coultas
This is a question that is often asked by concerned parents. Learning how to behave in a socially acceptable way is first encouraged in the home. Read all ►

Is it important to spend time playing with my baby?

Julie Coultas
The amount of time that a parent spends with their baby can be viewed as parental investment. A child is born into a social world to which they must adapt. It is vitally important to spend time playing with your baby and you will get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of watching your baby develop socially. Young mothers have often asked me 'Can my baby get bored with just me?' The answer is emphatically no. Read all ►

My daughter loves playing with her friends InnoTab 2. I am considering getting her one but I'm worried about her spending too much time in front of a screen?

Julie Coultas
Unlike, passively, watching a TV programme or a DVD, children can interact with the Learning Games on VTech's InnoTab 2; children can learn at their own pace in a fun and engaging way. InnoTab 2 can be utilised as a learning system tool to make the learning experience more engaging. Read all ►
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