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Where are my downloads/why aren't my downloads appearing on my InnoTab?
Providing payment has successfully been taken, then the downloads shall be assigned to your account. Thus, please follow the steps below to locate and transfer your downloads.

Innotab, Innotab 2, Innotab 3 & Innotab 3S

Please open the Learning Lodge Navigator on your computer, (if this has not been downloaded and you have purchased items on our website, then please download this software from ).

Connect your console > click 'Home' > select the picture of your console > click in the orange box with your child's name in > click 'My Downloads' on the left hand side.

Please select the downloads you would like to transfer by clicking in the tick boxes, making sure you look under each of the tabs (Music, Games, E-Books, Videos, Other) > click 'Transfer'.

Please then wait whilst the process completes, and upon unplugging your InnoTab, your content should be available for use.

Innotab Max

Please ensure that, if you have prior purchases, then you have assigned your new Innotab Max to your Learning Lodge account that these purchases have been made with.

Navigate to the 'Parental Controls' area of your Innotab Max and open the 'Download Manager'.

If the status of your downloads is not displayed immediately, then please click the 'Refresh' icon , located in the top right hand corner of the screen, allowing the device a couple of minutes to check for available downloads.

Using this menu you can manage the download status of any purchases, and once complete, they will be ready for use in the child's area of your Innotab Max.

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